Quality Assurance

The Internal Quality Insurance Office is a unit responsible for ensuring  that all educational goals are fully achieved in accordance with the statement of vision, mission, and the goals as set by Mount Hope Christian College.  The Internal Quality Insurance Office sets up the quality insurance standard covering all aspect of  Tri Dharma of Higher Education. Based on Permendikbud RI No 3 Tahun 2020, college and universities are required to set up at least 24 Higher Education National Standard, consisting of 8 education national standards, 8 research national standards, 8 social service national standards. Mount Hope Christian College implements 24 higher education national standards, and 2 additional quality insurance standards.

Academic Standard
1. Graduate’s competence standard.
2. Learning Content standard. 
3. Teaching Learning Process Standard.
4. The Learning evaluation standard
5. Teaching and Academic Standards.
6. Learning Facilities Standard.
7. Academic Management Standard.
8. Learning Expense and Tuition Standard.


Research Standards
1. Research results standard.
2. Research content standard.
3. Research process standard
4. Research evaluation standard.
5. Researcher standard
6. Research facilities standard.
7. Research management standard
8. Research funding standard.


Community Service Standard
1. Standard of the result of the community service program.
2. Community Service Content Standard.
3. The standard of community service process
4. The community service evaluation standard.
5. Community Service implementation standard.
6. The standard of community service facilities
7. The standard of community service standard.
8. The standard of community service funding


Additional Standards:
1. Library Standard
2. The standard of students recruitment