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The establishment of Mount Hope Christian College cannot be separated from the history of the founding of Tawangmangu Theological College. Carol Soukotta’s Parent founded Tawangmangu Theological College, which was originally called Tawangmangu Bible College, and was continued by Pastor Sam and Carol Soukotta.


To become a higher education institution that produces graduates with Christian character, entrepreurial spirit, mastery og sience and technology, and plays a role in sustainable national and global development in 2030.


  • Organizing Christian-themed educational and teaching activities, as well and teaching activities, as well as staying current on scientific and technological developments.
  • Organizing research activities that support sustaineble national and global development.
  • Organizing community service activities that play a role in sustainable national and global development.
  • Organizing higher education governance and superior nternal and external quality assurance.



They have the competence and skills in accordance with the profession and are responsible for carrying out all work to achieve high standards.


They must have the correct theoretical and practical insight and understanding of the work being carried out.


Have a complete personality, be honest, uphold ethics and morals, and hold fast to the truth of God’s Word.


I am always trying to give my best in every job done to produce superior quality and special performance.


Be loyal, loyal, trustworthy, and dependable in every job, task, and responsibility given.



Head of Learning Innovation Development Program  : Andreas Aris Eko Mulyono, S.Pd., M.Pd.
Academic Administration Staff : Elly Rike Oktaviana, S.S.
PD DIKTI Administration Staff : Tania Endah Pratiwi
Librarian : Novialing Purba, S.Pd.
IT System Development and Computer Lab Staff : Ardian Pamungkas, S.Kom
Jovita Nathania Tunliu, S.Kom.


Administration, Finance and HRD
External Affairs and L2DIKTI Administration Bureau staff  : Hani Rohayani, S.Th., M.Th.
Finance Bureau Staff : Larbadio Mart Junico, S.E.
Accounting Bureau staff : Agnes Yustisi
Human Resources Development, Study Program Administration bureau staff : Krisna Mega Brillian, S.H.
Coordinator of Transportation : Yunianto, M.Th.


Student Affairs and Cooperation
Student’s affairs and Counseling Bureau staff  : Heru Handoko, S.Mis
Students Extracurricular Activities Bureau staff : Ardian Pamungkas, S.Kom.
Deputy Head of Marketing : Suryo Adinugroho, S.ST.Par, M.M.
Marketing, Promotion, and Database Bureau staff : Elly Rike Oktaviana, S.S.
Novialing Purba, S.Th.
Ardian Pamungkas, S.Kom.
Social Media Marketing Bureau staff : Anugrahini Berliana Dewi


Advisor : Dr. Sam Soukotta and Carol Soukotta, Manager of Bukit Pengharapan Bangsa Foundation
Head of the Dormitory : Yunianto, M.Th. and Wetty Sulistyaningrum, S.Th.
Male Dormitory Supervisory staff : James Papilaya, S.H., M.H.
Male Dormitory Supervisory staff : Bernardus Jairin, S.Th.
Female Dormitory Supervisory staff : Novialing Purba, S.Pd.
The Coordinator of Spiritual Purification and Campus Ministry : Yunianto, S.Th., M.Th.
Vice Coordinator of Spiritual Purification and Campus Ministry : Heru Handoko, S.Mis.
Spiritual Purification Curriculum Developer and Counselors : Andi Audi Lukito, S.Th., M.Th.
Dr. Irwan Christanto Edy, M.Si.
Arif Wicaksono, S.Th., M.Th.
Inge Gunawan, S.E., M.Si., CMA.
Ian Griffin Prawiromaruto, B.A., M.Ed.
Business Study Program : Teddy Rahady, S.E., M.M.
Stevi Jimry Poluan, S.T., M.M.
Sari Wijayanti, S.P., M.M.
Yusak Prakoso S.E., M.M.
Inge Gunawan S.E., M.Si., CMA.
Dr. Irwan Christanto Edy, S.Si., M.Si.
Dokman M. Situmorang, S.Ak, S.ST.Par., M.Ak.
Tourism Study Program : Widyaningtyas, S.Pd., M.Sn.
Elvis Salouw, S.T., M.Arch.
Truli Nugroho, S.E., M.Par.
Kristian Faskahariyanto, S.ST.Par., M.Par.
Andreas Aris Eko Mulyono, S.Pd., M.Pd.
Suryo Adinugroho, S.ST.Par., M.M.
Marmaiyatno, S.Tr.Par, M.Par.
Visual Communication Design Study Program : Kartika Prasetya Purnamasari, S.Sn., M.Ds.
Angga Hendrawan, S.Sn., M.Ds.
Ian Griffin Prawiromaruto, B.A., M.Ed.




With personal vehicles, you can use a car or motorbike, the location of Mount Hope Christian College can be accessed on Google Maps with keyword IKBP (INSTITUT KRISTEN BUKIT PENGHARAPAN).



To arrive at Tawangmangu, you can use an intercity bus that departs from Tirtonadi Solo bus station to the Tawangmangu bus station. Then, from Tawangmangu bus station, you can use a motorcycle taxi or public transportation to get to the location of Mount Hope Cristian College.


By train, you can get off at Solo Balapan Station, Solo Jebres Station, Purwosari Station, and Palur Station. Then from the station, you can use a bus that departs from the Tirtonadi Solo bus station, a taxi, or online transportation to go directly to campus.


By airplane, you can get off at Adi Sumarmo Solo International Airport and then use a taxi to arrive directly on campus. However, if you want to use the bus, you can take a taxi to Tirtonadi Solo bus station.

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